Following the Instructions

0 comments Posted on June 4, 2021

by Julie Lavender

My husband and I looked forward to our week of Benaiah time. Our thirteen-month-old grandson’s parents embarked on a church staff retreat in early January, which meant finding fun activities indoors with our little guy.

On our second day in Chattanooga, we headed to the mall. A toddler-friendly play area beckoned us there. Several hours later, with full bellies, a clean diaper and an exhausted toddler, we made our way to the car. I strapped Benaiah in his car seat and then buckled in to wait for David to stow the stroller in the trunk.

“Julie?” my usually-brilliant husband said. “I can’t figure out how to close the stroller. None of these buttons are releasing the lock.” No matter how much we searched and plundered, we couldn’t find a way to collapse the stroller.

“I’m going to shove it in the front seat with me,” David said. Again, his brilliance eluded him, just like the stroller release button had.

Our irritation quickly turned into uncontrollable laughter. “How can two adults with college degrees and four grown children not figure this out?” my husband asked.

“I can just push the stroller back to their house,” I suggested. “And you follow along beside me on the freeway.” Apparently, my intelligence had eluded me, too.

“WAIT—here it is!” David pulled a strap in the seat of the stroller, the one stamped with the words: “Pull here to close.” And the stroller folded with ease.

David and I looked at each other with mouths agape, stowed the stroller in the trunk, climbed in the car, and laughed all the way home.

How had we missed the instructions right in front of us?

Am I prone to missing God’s instructions, too? Even when they’re in plain sight?

Maybe these two grandparents will get better counseling before we hang out with our sweetie the next time, but I hope our stroller lesson will remind me to keep an eye out for God’s instructions along the way!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” Psalm 32:8 ESV

Julie Lavender loves spending time with her kids and only—so far—grandchild. She is the author of 365 Ways to Love Your Child: Turning Little Moments into Lasting Memories. Julie is a journalist, author, and former homeschooling mom of twenty-five years who holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.


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