Full House Feeds My Soul

0 comments Posted on January 28, 2021

by Jayme H. Mansfield

It’s wintery outside my cozy art studio—a good excuse to stay inside to write and paint instead of taking nose-numbing walks around the neighborhood. My two Golden Retrievers beg to differ with whines, whimpers, and balls dropped at my feet. But hey, I need to have some say in this abounding household.

The empty-nester status that I assumed would end many of life’s stresses was instead, short-lived and short-sighted. It lasted two measly months. Now, my husband and my fantasized orderly, peaceful, and less expensive home is back to full steam with two of three sons back at home. The middle one graduated college and then landed in our basement. The youngest started college, but living at home simply makes more sense. There’s a precious girlfriend living here as well (promise, on the far side of the house) and on the opposite end, my eighty-six-year-old mother has joined the menagerie. The Mansfield home is officially back to disorderly, busy, expensive, but most importantly, wonderfully blessed.

The peace and quiet can wait. We’ve come to accept standing room only at meal times and overflowing laundry bins. Mold doesn’t stand a chance in the ever-revolving refrigerator. Instead, we’ve been embracing the importance of family—the fascinating weavings of generations that keep us tied together and remind us that God wants us to love, support, and cheer one another on.

Jayme H. Mansfield lives at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains where she and her husband have survived raising three hungry, hockey-playing sons. Currently, two very needy Golden Retrievers run the roost. Visit her on www.jaymehmansfield.com, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JaymeHMansfieldAuthor/ and Instagram @JaymeMansfield.


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