Funny-Moon in a Blizzard

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

Last January my husband and I drove our college-graduate son from the temperate west coast to the middle of the Canadian prairies—Saskatchewan—which is directly north of Montana.

We’re talking snow country. Brrrrr.

We made our trip in the middle of a series of blizzards.

After dropping our son off at his new residence my husband and I were stuck for a few days. Beautifully stuck. We had to hole up in this quaint  Pioneer Motel that has been situated for years right next to Briercrest Bible College where our son attended.

For two days we stayed inside our cozy motel room, read books, made hot chocolate on the coffee maker. Occasionally we pulled on extra warm socks to trudge down to the lobby. While gazing out the window at the swirling, whistling snow, that scoured the freeway, we propped our feet up on the ottoman in front of the gas fireplace.

That funny-moon in a blizzard is one of my treasured memories. In many ways it is symbolic of our marriage. Life happens. Sometimes it’s cold outside, but my husband and I have each other, and most of the time all I need is to pull on an extra pair of his warm socks and cuddle up to him.

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