Gal-entine’s Day: Ideas for Celebrating with Friends

0 comments Posted on February 8, 2021

by Dena Dyer

Do you long to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends but worry about COVID restrictions? Here are a few ways to enjoy the holiday safely and creatively:

  • Host a watch party. Many streaming services (like Netflix and Disney+) have options to watch a show with other people who don’t live with you. Pop some popcorn and grab a drink, cue up a title, and enjoy a flick while staying in your PJ’s.
  • Play a game over Zoom or Skype. Dig out a trivia game (or purchase one), visit a dollar store to stock up on prizes, and enjoy an evening of laughter while getting to know your friends better. Deliver the prizes, along with a note of friendship, to the winners’ mailboxes later in the week.
  • Have a driveway chat. If the weather and your local guidelines allow, invite your buddies to bring their lawn chairs and a favorite beverage. You can catch up while staying a safe distance from one another.

Dena Dyer loves Jesus, her family, all things literary, and British television. She’s an author, musician, speaker, and writing coach who spends too much time online or in the fast food drive-through—but she and the Lord are working on it. Connect with her: Instagram or Facebook.


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