Getting Married During a Pandemic

0 comments Posted on December 7, 2021

by Leeann Betts

Prior to 2020, when someone said, “I do,” you and your intended committed to working hard, saving money, paying off debt and taking your time planning your wedding. Those seemed like sensible decisions.

But perhaps you’ve fallen in love in the past 18 months, and you’re tired of waiting to see if things will “get back to normal.”

Maybe other lifestyle issues such as health, age, job circumstances or uncertainty about the future have pushed you to have a wedding now instead of waiting any longer.

Whatever your reason for tying the knot during this pandemic, one thing is certain: you can’t count on anything to remain the same or to change to fit your idea of the Big Day.

So your only solution: tailor your nuptials to fit current conditions.

Here are some ideas to help you make your plans:

  1. Outdoor spaces are here to stay. Social distancing remains high on the radar for most, so plan not to use a building. Many designs for tents and canopies can be altered to allow for heating or cooling.
  2. Book a pop-up wedding. Choose to buy a time slot and share your space with a series of weddings held on the same date at the same location. This keeps costs down, saves a lot of planning headaches and keeps your time investment short and sweet.
  3. Curate your guest list. Keep it short and sweet, limiting to only those people you cannot do this without. Consider whether vaccinations will be required, and think about travel for those invited. Will they be able to get to you?
  4. Consider live-streaming the new norm. Keep the affair intimate, but invite all your friends to join via the internet.
  5. Streamline the food. In keeping with shorter services and receptions, consider switching out the buffet or plated dinner with stand-up food. Or a dessert line. Or drinks only.
  6. Break some rules. Destination weddings with a few select guests are still popular, as are limited bridal parties. Forego the hen and stag parties. Think limited contact.
  7. Allow more room. If you are having a reception, don’t cram folks into a too-small room. Think 4 to 6 people to a table, and allow enough distance so your guests can social distance while still mingling.
  8. Plan a weekday wedding. Have your wedding on a Wednesday afternoon, when prices might be lower.

I think you get the idea. More space. Less fuss. More fun. Fewer headaches.

Planning a wedding at any point in a pandemic—or even in “normal” times—doesn’t have to be difficult. Think ahead, don’t rush your decisions, be willing to step outside the box and ask for help.

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Leeann Betts writes contemporary suspense, while her real-life persona, Donna Schlachter, pens historical suspense. Together she and Donna have been published more than 45 times. They actively participate in several writing groups, giving back through contest judging and critique groups.


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