Gifts Fit for a King

0 comments Posted on December 2, 2015

Cheri Cowellby Cheri Cowell

So what was I going to get my father for Christmas? I wondered as I strolled the aisles at the Christian bookstore. For years he received the typical dad-type gifts: tools, ties, and dress shirts, but this year needed to be different. This year I had earned my own money.

My father made a lot of sacrifices providing for us on his teacher’s salary. We never lacked for anything, though I know he often went without. Now it was my chance to repay him, but with what?

Nothing in the stores seemed appropriate until I saw a tie tack with a Christian fish symbol. I bought it and brought it home, yet it didn’t seem to be enough. I continued to search for something more until finally on Christmas Eve I had to admit it was all I had. Before wrapping it up, I wrote him a note hoping that it would make the gift seem more important. I poured out my heartfelt expressions of love, admiration, and gratitude, and told him how proud I was to be his daughter.

PeaceMy father wore that tie tack almost every Sunday, but it wasn’t until his death that I realized how special it was. In his belongings was a tiny tie-tack box with a worn and faded hand-written note from a daughter to her father. With it was a copy of the song sheet, A Love Note To A King. My father wasn’t a king, but I’d like to think he knew a little of what God must feel like when He receives the love, admiration, and gratitude of His children. It is our greatest gift, a gift fit for a King.

Cheri Cowell’s newest book, 365 Devotions for Peace, releases December 8 and would make a great gift for the kings and princesses in your life.


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