God of Every Story

0 comments Posted on October 1, 2013

Laura Storyby Laura Story

Our stories are about so much more than just what is happening to us in the moment. God uses our lives to teach us about Him and how He is in the midst of every circumstance — even while it is still unfolding.

In my own life, when I look at where I am, I’ve had some really sweet chapters and I’ve had some hard chapters. When we try to make sense of life just in the context of our own story, it can be frustrating. It’s not just about me. I need to step back and say, “how might He use the hard things I’ve walked through to tell other people about this God who is mighty to save?”

Every story finds it’s ultimate purpose in the context of God’s redemptive story.

God of Every Story

Laura Story is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter whose track “Blessings” topped the Billboard Christian charts. Her new album, God of Every Story, releases fall 2013.


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