God Said, “Take the Bus”

0 comments Posted on August 26, 2019

by Kathy Collard Miller

My mom bought tickets for herself, my sister, Karen, and I to see a Sunday matinee play in Los Angeles through her senior center and it included bus transportation for the hour’s drive. Because Karen lived at a distance, she was going to drive separately and head home immediately after the play.

Karen and I had been staying at our mom’s house for the weekend and as we sat at breakfast, Karen announced, “I think God wants me to get the full experience and go along with you on the bus today.”

Of course, my mom and I were so pleased. Within a few hours, we were seated on the bus headed to Los Angeles. At one point, my mom mentioned how wonderful it would be to be at the Pantages Theatre again where she had been before.

Karen turned to me with a surprised look and said, “I thought we were going to the Dorothy Chandler Theatre. I would have driven there instead.”

We grinned at each other. I spoke up, “I’m sure glad you obeyed the Lord, Karen. Isn’t that great how the Lord protected you from going to the wrong place?”

Even though we could have reached each other by cell phone, the Lord still prevented lots of extra stress and driving for Karen.

I was encouraged again that obeying God is the most wise thing we can do, knowing He only wants our best.

Kathy Collard Miller is a conference speaker and author of over 50 books whose latest work is Heart Wisdom, a woman’s Bible study on the Proverbs. She is a wife, mom, grandma and lives with her husband, Larry, in Southern California.
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