God’s Funny Bone

0 comments Posted on June 17, 2013

Linda Clareby Linda Clare

Does God have a sense of humor? If you ever saw me dancing in Zumba class, you’d know the Lord most certainly has built laughter into His creation. Yet we tend to take ourselves so seriously. We’re constantly striving to get into shape, lose those pounds, be a perfect parent or finally organize the junk drawer. I’m like that too—scolding myself each time I don’t measure up, comparing myself to those I perceive as better. But God has shown me a great way to lighten up. Laughing at my epic fails (and there are many!) encourages me to see myself as He sees me—imperfect yet beloved, guilty yet forgiven.

When I let go of perfection and embrace God’s vision for me, I break out of feelings of unworthiness and shame. As I catch sight of myself in the gym mirror—oh Lord, do I really resemble a dancing manatee?—I see not only direct evidence for God’s funny bone, but also the mystery of grace. You’re probably better than I am at Zumba, but laugh lines only make you more beautiful, so dance like nobody’s watching. Even if you’re not graceful on your feet, He has filled you with His grace.

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