Golden Rule at Christmastime

0 comments Posted on December 9, 2013

Darlene Franklinby Darlene Franklin

I have recently come to an obvious conclusion: The golden rule, or the ethical principal of “treat others the way you want to be treated,” doesn’t work on a sliding scale.

Let me explain. I find it relatively easy to be compassionate and giving when someone has greater problems than I do—mental, financial, physical.

I’m less likely to be compassionate and giving when that person is my boss, someone dressed in designer wear, or someone who acts entitled. In that case, I tend to expect them to extend the “equal treatment” law to me.

In my current situation—living in a nursing home—I treat my fellow residents kindly. When it comes to my aides, I sometimes forget my aides have lives outside of work, and they need my understanding. I have committed to changing my attitude.

homefront dreamsThe month of December brings any number of stressors. Our schedule is overbooked. Stores are overcrowded. Hoped-for presents are out of stock. Customer service reps are overworked.

What a perfect time to practice the golden rule. At the stores, don’t worry about the person going through the express lane with fifty items. In our schedule, understand if your friends can’t attend your holiday concert. Smile when someone grabs the last hot-selling toy ahead of you.

Maybe the golden rule is the Christmas spirit.


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