Got Crankytude?

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Linda Clareby Linda S. Clare aka Miss Crankypants

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is getting crankier. People walk around with looks so sour, they could curdle milk or at least turn it into Greek yogurt. Everywhere we go, drivers cut us off on the road, jump the post office line or bring cartfuls to the Ten Items or Less checkout line. It’s me, me, me, and if you protest, I’ll act like you’re the crazy one.

Sound familiar? Frustrating is more like it. But Miss Crankypants has the antidote to the gripiness and general bad moodiness that’s taking over the planet. A simple two-step solution to the age-old problem of grumps ruining your day.

All you need is Crankytude!

Miss Crankypants believes in crankiness—hence her name. But crankiness without gratitude results in a really bad attitude. In fact, it’s hard to feel truly grateful if you don’t first gripe about whatever’s cheesing you off. Step one: gripe long and loud to your therapist, spouse or diary. Come on, put your best crabby foot forward!

But don’t stay there. For one thing, just like Mom warned, your face will freeze into a permanent frown. Keep grousing and you’ll look like all the other cranky people out there. No! After you’ve vented, take a deep breath as the weight of gripes lifts from your shoulders. Look around, smell the roses. Thank God for everything. See? You’re smiling, going from griping to gratitude. That’s the beauty of Crankytude. You’re welcome.

Sky without Stars

Cranky CatLinda S. Clare is the author of women’s fiction, including The Fence My Father Built (Abingdon 2009) and A Sky without Stars (Abingdon 2014). She teaches writing at a community college and for George Fox University and lives in the Northwest with her family and three wayward cats. Visit her at or connect at or @Lindasclare on Twitter.


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