Has Life Knocked You Around?

0 comments Posted on August 31, 2018

by Cynthia L Simmons

When my children were little, I bought a young cockatiel and named him Patches. He loved to sit on your finger, but even better, he’d run up your arm to your shoulder where he’d play with your hair. He listened to us too. My youngest son enjoyed peek-a-boo, so we played that game often. To our surprise, the bird learned to repeat peek-a-boo anytime someone new walked into the room.

However, he had his wings clipped when we got him, making him unable to fly. One afternoon, my son played with him and threw him up in the air. Patches spread his wings and tried to fly, but the ceiling fan was running. A spinning blade caught him, and it slammed him against the opposite wall. My son brought him to me. Poor Patches! I saw a heap of limp feathers, barely breathing.

Right away I took our beloved pet to a doctor that specialized in birds. The vet said Patches suffered from shock and had a broken wing. Our bird stayed there until evening, and we rejoiced when he came home with only a splint on his wing. He recovered to live a long time.

I had experience treating birds for various illnesses, but I turned to a specialist for help because Patches had been near death. When life sends you trouble, I suggest you turn to a specialist too—our Creator. He made your heart and knows how to fix the broken places.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Cynthia L Simmons and her husband reside in Atlanta. A Bible teacher and former homeschool mother, she writes a column for Leading Hearts Magazine. She served as past president of Christian Authors Guild, directs Atlanta Christian Writing Conference, and hosts Heart of the Matter Radio. Her author website is http://www.clsimmons.com.


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