Helping Others Keep Hope Alive

0 comments Posted on April 26, 2021

by Grace Fox

At the end of March, my husband and I locked up our boat-home, traveled sixteen hours north, and moved in with our youngest daughter and her family. She’s pregnant, diabetic, and working full-time. Her husband, working in a hospital to fulfill his third year of medical school, is swamped. Their toddler’s daycare is no longer a healthy environment, and there’s no vacancy at other daycares in their town.

When they called and asked us to come, their plea sounded like this: “We need help with childcare. We will appreciate anything you can give us.” They didn’t have to ask twice. We prayed about it, sensed God say, “Go,” and chose to trust Him with the challenge of juggling full-time ministry and meeting my writing deadlines with babysitting our granddaughter.

So many people feel overwhelmed nowadays. Regardless of the reason, they’re losing hope for a personal comeback and a better, stronger tomorrow. Some feel comfortable reaching out for help; others, not so much.

Now, more than ever, let’s be vigilant for the sake of others’ well-being. Let’s be willing to lend a hand as we’re able. Let’s encourage others with simple things like a smile, an encouraging word, a greeting card, an errand run for a shut-in, or a grocery hamper for someone who’s currently unemployed.

Everyone needs hope, and we can spread it. Even the smallest act of kindness helps keep hope alive.

Grace Fox is a career missionary, an international speaker, and the author of ten books including Finding Hope in Crisis: Devotions for Calm in Chaos (Rose Publishing). She is also a Guideposts author and member of the “First 5” writing team (P31 Ministries). Find her at,, and on her YouTube channel at


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