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MTL-VickieMcDonoughHindsight is wonderful, isn’t it? I’m not talking about the eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head that mothers have but rather the clear view of our past when we’re years down the road. Sometimes a writer works hard for years learning their craft, finally realize the joy of selling their novel, and anxiously awaits the arrival of their new “baby” only to hear their contract has been canceled. Can you imagine the terrible disappointment?

WhispersPrairieThat happened to me several years ago. Now that I’m far on the other side of that awful event, I can see God’s hand in it. Due for a total knee replacement, the second book in my series deadline was expected six weeks after my surgery. And the book wasn’t nearly done. Hindsight reveals how God protected me from attempting to finish a book while recovering and on narcotics. I shudder to even think what that book would have looked like.

Do you have hindsight and see how God protected you or brought you out of a difficult situation? Maybe you’re still in the middle of something hard. Let me encourage you to entrust your situation to God, and sit back and see if He doesn’t do something wonderful.

Pioneer ChristmasMy canceled series was later sold to another publisher, and the first book released into bookstores in July. Whispers on the Prairie was chosen as a recommended read by Romantic Times magazine. God has a perfect time for each Christian novel to be released, and He has a perfect plan for your life. Trust Him.

Vickie McDonough is the award-winning author of 28 books and novellas. Whispers on the Prairie, her latest novel just released July 1st, and she has a novella in Pioneer Christmas, which released September 1st. Visit Vickie’s website to learn more about her books or to join her newsletter: www.vickiemcdonough.com



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