Honor: Key to a Strong Marriage

0 comments Posted on January 5, 2015

Grace FoxBy Grace Fox

My husband and I will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary in February. We thought we knew what we were doing when we exchanged marriage vows eight months after we met. Three decades later, we admit we knew less than we thought.

Sealing our vows with a kiss began our straight-up learning curve. Some of the lessons we’ve learned have been blissfully romantic. Others not so much. Regardless, we’re still discovering new things about each other and how to strengthen our marriage. One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned thus far is this: Honor your spouse.

Imagine a scale of 1 to 10. If I think I score a 9 in importance, then I’d best score my husband as a 10. That means I’ll consider his needs and feelings as more important than my own. I’ll speak kindly about him to others. I’ll encourage (not nag) him to become all that God intends him to be.

One Minute RomanceThankfully my husband and I share the desire to honor each other, but not all marriages work like ours. What if one spouse strives to show honor but doesn’t receive the same respect? In that case, he or she can trust God for wisdom, patience, and the ability to see the other through His eyes.

Two-way honor ensures a healthy marriage. Let’s practice it; marriage is a gift and deserves our best.

Grace Fox is an international speaker at women’s events and the author of eight books including One-Minute Romance for Couples, scheduled for release this month. She and her husband lead International Messengers Canada, a ministry that focuses on building God’s kingdom in Eastern Europe. www.im-canada.ca
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