Hope for Brighter Days Ahead

0 comments Posted on March 15, 2021

by Grace Fox

It’s been a long, dreary winter where I live in British Columbia. We’ve had rain, rain, rain, and more rain, punctuated by an Arctic blast. Gray weather and COVID restrictions combined, I’ve occasionally felt as though this season has no expiration date.

Regardless of the weather, I head outdoors with umbrella in hand, and circle my neighborhood for fresh air and exercise. One afternoon, I veer from my usual route. That’s when I see something that lifts my spirits and brings hope for warmer, sunnier days ahead: a patch of daffodils poking through the soil.

Only the leaves are visible now, but the plants will soon produce yellow blossoms. As sure as I know blooms will come, I know this present dismal season will pass. Brighter days are on the way. It’s just a matter of time.

Grace Fox is a career missionary, an international speaker, and the author of ten books including Finding Hope in Crisis: Devotions for Calm in Chaos (Aspire Press). She is also a Guideposts author and member of the “First 5” writing team (P31 Ministries). You can find Grace at www.gracefox.com, on Facebook at www.fb.com/gracefox.author and on her YouTube channel at https://tinyurl.com/ybhtxqes.


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