How to Pray When You Need a Miracle (Part 1)

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Linda Evans Shepherdby Linda Evans Shepherd

My journey to a richer, deeper prayer life started on a wet Texas highway in a car that spun directly into the path of an oncoming minivan. I never expected to survive that explosion of metal upon metal, so I was stunned when I opened my eyes. But when I looked into the back seat of my car, I was shocked to see that Laura, my precious 18-month-old baby, was missing.

When I found her in her car seat on the side of the freeway, I hovered over her and began to pray for her very life. Through my tears, I prayed to a God whom I knew could answer my prayers for the impossible. I knew this because when my then 19-year-old brother was hit by a drunk driver, he sustained life-threatening injuries, including a crushed C-5 vertebrae. The doctors said he wouldn’t live, and certainly would never walk again. But God proved them wrong. It was only a few years later when Jimmy walked his lovely bride down the aisle.

Laura ChildhoodSo, as I prayed on the side of the road for my daughter, I knew that if God could give my brother that kind of miracle, He could certainly do the same for my daughter.  Right?

However, to my shock, God did not answer my prayers for my daughter the same way He answered my prayers for my brother. . .

In fact, Laura slept in coma for an entire year. Our breakthrough came when we placed her newborn baby brother into her arms for the first time, for that was the moment she awoke and came back to us. And though Laura has severe disabilities, she is a living miracle. She’s even reported that the terrible year she spent in coma was spent as a glorious year with Jesus.

How to Pray When You Need a MiracleLinda Evans Shepherd is a bestselling author member of Christian Author Network and the President and founder of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. She is the publisher of Leading Hearts Magazine as well as the author of a series of prayer books from Baker Revell including the just released How to Pray When you Need a Miracle.
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