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Anne Greenby Anne Greene

Have you ever lived through a hurricane?

I did. By accident. It was actually the tail end of a hurricane.

My dear husband and I vacationed in Cancun. We travelled from the resort to an archeological site at ChiChenIeza some one hundred miles from Cancun. After enjoying the day at the site and the night in ChiChenIeza at a lovely, quaint all but empty hotel named Villas Archaelogicas, we started back to our resort early in the morning. We’d had no news reports. There were no radios or TVs at the hotel. If the owners knew of the approaching storm, they didn’t warn us.

We had rented a VW bug in Cancun, and the only route back to the resort was a slightly raised two-lane paved road. Land spread out on both sides in empty flatness, punctuated every five or ten miles by a lone shack of a home.

The day suddenly darkened. The storm swept in. Fierce wind buffeted our little bug. Should we turn back and try to reach the hotel or should we venture on to our resort? The two-lane road decided for us. There was no place to turn off or around. There were no lights in the vast flat land around us. Obviously no home had electricity.

We followed the short tunnel our headlights forged through the darkness. Lightning flashed at intervals revealing a single, dark house miles from the road with no lane leading to it. Water flooded the land on both sides of the raised highway. Then water flooded the highway.

We had nowhere to go but straight ahead.

Were we frightened? No. If we ran off the narrow road our car would catapult down several feet and hit flooded land. We would be stuck and perhaps sink in the deep mud. We had no cell phone coverage. No food or water in the car. And no one would be travelling this road for hours, perhaps days.

My husband and I sang Christian songs and made jokes. Peace filled our small dry ark. At times we felt the little VW bug actually float over flooded low spots in the road. Had we driven any other type car, I’m certain we would have  been swept off the road.

God was there inside our ark giving us peace and safety through the storm. We sang praises. And laughed. And had a lovely time.

That ride was a highlight of our trip.

We saw first hand Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. He directed us straight down that narrow road and kept us safe.

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