I Should Have Listened to My Mother

0 comments Posted on March 2, 2016

Sandra Orchardby Sandra Orchard

What kind of advisor are you? Do you watch quietly from the sidelines and wait to be asked before expressing an opinion? Do you jump in with well-meaning advice the moment you sense a loved one drifting toward dangerous waters? Or do you liberally dole out years of hard won wisdom at every opportunity?

There are pros and cons to all types. I tend toward the quiet type as my mom was, and I appreciated that she gave me room to find my own way. But I didn’t ask nearly as many questions as I should have. So I deeply appreciate older women who are open about sharing their experiences.

The advice few people appreciate, and that tends to be more hurtful than helpful, is advice that is really just thinly disguised criticism. Of course…sometimes our perceptions about that are wrong, too—skewed by our own emotions.

afoolandhismoney.inddThat’s where I have a little fun with Serena Jones, the heroine of my newest novel A Fool and His Monet. She is an FBI agent specializing in art crimes, a vocation she chose because an art thief murdered her grandfather. A vocation her mother wishes Serena would trade in for a hubby and children. A vocation that helps Serena see that sometimes…she really should listen to her mother.

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