I’m Not a Superhero

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Dan Stanfordby Dan Stanford

We often wish we were a different version of ourselves, a smarter, more successful version. We would love a fatter wallet and a thinner waistline. We want our secret identity to stay secret, mostly because it doesn’t fit our idea of a superhero.

I’m not a superhero. When I walk into a room there’s no conveniently timed wind blowing through my hair and rippling my cape. For most of my life I struggled to measure up. I would love to say that self-esteem comes with repentance, restoration, and age, but even as an adult, I have continued to struggle with the tension between my potential and my performance.

Losing the CapeIn Exodus 3:11, Moses asks a question all of us wrestle with at some point in our lives: “Who am I. . . ?” God has just asked him to go save the day, and Moses instinctively questions his own identity and competency. When Moses looks in the mirror, all he sees is a shepherd. When God looks at Moses, he sees a servant leader. God never answers Moses’s question but simply says, “I am with you.” God gently reminds Moses—and us—that it’s not about our skills and strengths. It’s not about our power; it’s about God’s presence.

How do you see yourself? Do you only see your human failings? Or do you also see the person “being transformed into his image” (2 Cor. 3:18) and equipped “with everything good for doing his will”? (Heb. 13:21). We might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet, but we can live in the real power of Jesus’ resurrection. Because the truth is, God didn’t send Superman to save the day. He sent you. And God loves to use underdogs to accomplish His purpose.

Dan Stanford is not a comic book superhero. The glasses make you do a double take but under his shirt is not a cool costume and cape. He doesn’t have a catch phrase like “Up, Up and Yahweh!” and there’s no blockbuster movie about his heroic deeds. He’s an ordinary, decaf drinking, nap taking, Jesus loving citizen. But in spite of being ordinary, he married his true love, Suzanne and they have three dynamic boys: Caleb, Connor and Colton. Dan holds a Masters degree from Trinity International University and started The Well Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin. To learn more visit www.danstanford.net.


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