In the Cool of the Day

0 comments Posted on July 13, 2016

Davalynn Spencerby Davalynn Spencer

I did it unintentionally.

Can you relate?

Have you ever done or said or written something without meaning to?

Usually we equate such oversites with negative impulses. But what I did—I now believe—was a subliminal message to myself.

Or maybe a spiritual memo.

In nearly every one of my eight novels and novellas, I included a scene with my characters enjoying the cool of the day—that time mentioned in the Bible when God walked in the garden looking for the crown of His creation.

Guess where and how most of my real-life cool-of-the-day experiences have taken place?

• Jockeying through rush-hour traffic
• Frantically shopping for dinner
• Watching television news (usually bad)
• Lying on the sofa exhausted from doing too much

Yeah, not so cool.

This summer I want to make a change. I want to experience “the cool of the day” in a less frantic way.

The Cowboy's BrideThere’s something about those few moments when daylight slips toward night and the earth seems to exhale in preparation for rest.

Some people call it winding down. They take their dog for a walk, or ride bikes, or sit on the porch and watch the sun set. It all depends on location, the time of year, and family responsibilities.

But it doesn’t take long, it just takes practice. Letting go. Setting aside the demands of the day, and breathing in the presence of the Lord.

How about it? Are you with me?

Davalynn Spencer (@davalynnspencer) writes award-winning Western romance complete with rugged cowboys, their struggles, and the women who challenge them. Her latest release is “The Wrangler’s Woman” in Barbour’s nationally bestselling novella collection The Cowboy’s Bride. Connect with her online at and


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