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Ava Penningtonby Ava Pennington

“It’s only a black racer,” I said in a matter-of-fact voice to a neighbor as we watched the snake on her front lawn. “They’re good because they eat insects and rodents.” The following week, a black racer slithered into our garage. My reaction? I shouted for my husband. “Get it out of here!”

When it became personal, what I said I believed and what my actions proved I believed were two different things.

Sometimes I respond the same way with God. I say I believe. I want to believe. But then it gets personal.

A friend experienced the death of his wife, father, and brother, all within five months. Another friend lost her eleven-year-old daughter a few years ago when a drunk driver collided with their car; a few months ago their young son was diagnosed with leukemia.

And the whispered lies began.

Where is God’s compassion and mercy? How could He allow such bad things to happen to His children? If that’s who He really is, can I trust Him?

Yes, I can trust Him. God cannot be defined through the lens of my circumstances. Instead, I must start with what He says about Himself in His Word – His names and attributes. Circumstances are temporary, but God is El Olam – the Eternal One. He transcends my personal circumstances, but because of Jesus Christ, He will never stop being my personal God.

How well do you know what God says about Himself? Make it personal!

Attributes of God

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