It’s Still a Wonderful World

0 comments Posted on February 28, 2020

by Linore Rose Burkard

March is arriving and, to my disappointment, my area of Ohio has scarcely seen snow. Without it, cold weather seems like a winter hoax. To me, the season needs the glittering white stuff, probably because we had lots of it where I grew up in New York. As a teen, I shivered in freezing temps in a white world with other adolescents, too needy of my peers to go home. My “gang” (you might call my group of young lost souls), liked to hang around the outside steps and parking lot of the largest church in town, St. Fidelis—much to the chagrin of the priests!

In younger years, with my best friend Juni, a first-generation Chinese girl, I fashioned snow babies and named them, cared for them lovingly, and stayed out until darkness forced us homeward. By then, my fingers burned and stung (gloves were never protection enough) but our peaceful play hours warmed my heart.

Times have changed. Today’s kids seldom spend many hours in outdoor play. I tried coaxing my young daughters to enjoy snow babies, but it never caught on. In fact, after taking a photo of my youngest holding one, she asked, “Now can I smash it?” (O, callous youth!)

With spring approaching, perhaps memories of wintry fun are fading. This year’s opportunities for snowmen and sledding may have passed. But all seasons bring wonder and unique delights, for which I’m grateful to God. He didn’t have to make the world so wonderful, you know!

Linore Rose Burkard writes Romance to Warm the Heart, Fiction to Stir the Soul. Her first novel, a Regency romance, opened the genre for the CBA. Linore is a serious watcher of period films, a Jane Austen fan and active Christian. Raised in Queens, New York, she now lives in Ohio with her husband, is the mother of five, and teaches workshops for writers.


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