Keep Moving and Be Amazing

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Kristen Ethridgeby Kristen Ethridge

Earlier this week, I put up a sticky note on the hutch of my desk. Last night, my daughter came in and read it and said, “Wow, Mom, that’s really good advice.” It said:

If you just keep moving forward, you’ll amaze yourself.

I’m in a season of movement. Sometimes, I barely even see the roses. Stopping and smelling them seems to be mostly out of the question. But notice I said “season”—I know it won’t always be this way, and that’s why I’m content to just keep moving forward right now.

At the end of last year, I took a class with the iBloom women’s coaching team and as part of that, I set some big goals for my year. I felt like the verse speaking to me for the year ahead was Luke 1:45: “Blessed is she who has BELIEVED that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her” (emphasis mine). I set a mission statement that I would act on priorities with a purpose, and I created a five-step ladder of what that looked like to me.

Shelter from the StormThe only problem was at the time, I didn’t know exactly what those promises or priorities were. I just knew I had to get myself in a position to make the most of them as they were revealed this year. In the middle of the year, some big dreams came to a big halt for me and I felt God saying that in this, I would find my purpose for the year. It’s always shocking when you have to let go of a big dream you’ve already achieved in order to move on to an even bigger field. It’s like you are standing at the top of the hill, you’ve made the climb—and then you realize it was practice for the mountain.

The key for me this year has been living in verbs: Believe. Keep Moving. They’re action-oriented words. I can’t just sit or I won’t live out my priorities and my purpose. The end of this year has been a rollercoaster ride and I can’t wait to see where I wind up as I close the page on 2015 and move into 2016.

Keep moving…believe in yourself…live the priorities God has set specifically for you. And then prepare to amaze yourself.

Kristen Ethridge is the award-nominated author of the Port Provident series with Harlequin’s Love Inspired line and Laurel Lock Publishing. Her August 2015 release, The Doctor’s Unexpected Family reached No. 1 on the Hispanic-American literature chart. Her latest release, Shelter from the Storm, is available now. A 2012 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award Finalist, Kristen was discovered by Harlequin through their 2012 So You Think You Can Write contest. Her favorite stories are filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after–and her favorite happily ever after is the story of God’s love. Although she has fun creating characters, Kristen’s favorite people are her family. She lives in Texas with her husband, children and a self-important poodle. Keep up with Kristen by joining her newsletter list and her author page on Facebook. You can also visit her online at



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