Kids and Generosity

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Grace Foxby Grace Fox

Kids make my heart smile, especially when they show tenderness towards those in need. Take, for instance, my grandkids’ recent expression of generosity.

“I want to help poor people,” stated five-year-old Anna one afternoon. She pointed at the picture of the little African girl her family sponsors through monthly donations. “She doesn’t have enough food to eat, and she doesn’t have money to buy clothes, so we send her money,” she said. “But I want to do something else to help her.”

Anna did more than just talk about her desire to make a difference. She went to her bedroom, fetched her bead collection, and—together with her four-year-old brother Luke—made a half dozen bracelets. Then she asked her mom if they could sell them during their neighborhood-wide garage sale.

Anna and Luke set up a little table at the end of their driveway. “Hey—do you want to buy a bracelet to help poor people?” they asked whoever happened to walk past.

Who could say no? The bracelets sold within minutes, and several passersby donated loose change for the cause. Mission accomplished.

Tuck-Me-In Talks with Your Little OnesA handful of change isn’t much, but every coin collected makes a difference for those without a penny to spare. These precious little ones value what God values—generosity. And my heart smiles.

Grace Fox is an international speaker at women’s events and the author of seven books including Morning Moments with God: Devotions for the Busy Woman and newly released Tuck-Me-In Talks with Your Little Ones: Creating Happy Bedtime MemoriesShe and her husband lead International Messengers Canada, a ministry that focuses on building God’s kingdom in Eastern Europe.

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