Know What You’re Looking For

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Connie Mannby Connie Mann

Like many writers, I have a day job, too. As a USCG-licensed boat captain, it is my privilege to take fifth graders on a big pontoon boat and show them Central Florida’s crystal-clear Silver River and the many creatures that live in and around it. Over the years, I’ve gotten good at spotting alligators hiding along the banks and deer peeking through the trees and identifying various fish and birds, both large and small.

On almost every trip, a wide-eyed student will ask, “How did you find that? I didn’t even see it.”

I always answer with a smile. “Because I know where to look. And I know what I’m looking for.”

I think that’s a good reminder for life in general. If I look for reasons to be discouraged or offended, I will immediately find them anywhere and everywhere. But if I look for the good in others or if I search for the beauty in God’s creation, I always find that, too.

Every day, you and I decide where to look—and what we’re looking for. Even in the midst of ugliness and sorrow, let’s choose beauty and joy.

Angel Falls

Connie Mann loves surprises and discovering creatures she’s never seen before. She is the author of Angel Falls, a romantic suspense, and she blogs at When she’s not writing, she and her family spend time on the water every chance they get.


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