Leaving a Legacy: Long Distance Grandparents

0 comments Posted on October 3, 2017

Jane Dalyby Jane Daly

When my daughter and son-in-law moved out of state, I realized the importance of staying involved in my grandchildren’s lives. My husband and I willingly sacrificed the time to make the ten-hour drive to see them.

As important as it is to be physically present, it’s just as important to leave a written legacy for our grandkids. They need to know what makes them who they are. What are the significant events that shaped us, which in turn impacted how we raised their parents, which impacts how they are raised?

  • Start with this phrase: God first became real to me when ____. Write out your testimony as if one of your grandchildren asked, “Why do you believe in God?”
  • Caregiving SeasonFinish this sentence: Everything changed when ____. Think about a significant event in your life. Looking back, can you see God’s grace at work? Did you experience a miracle? Perhaps you endured a trauma, yet came through with stronger faith than before.
  • Share your stories with your grandkids. Don’t email them. Even in this electronic age, kids still love to get something in the mail. That will make your stories more precious.

Stories bring us together, even if you’re miles apart.

Jane Daly is the author of The Caregiving Season: Finding Grace to Care For Your Aging Parent (Tyndale/Focus on the Family, 2016). She makes her home in Northern California with her husband, Mike. They celebrated 40 years of marriage in August. www.janeSdaly.com



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