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Leann Harrisby Leann Harris

Unexpected challenges can really throw us for a loop, especially those we don’t deserve—like being blamed for something we didn’t do.

My latest book, The Cowboy Meets His Match, June 2016, is the third book in the Rodeo Heroes Series. The hero, Sawyer, meets a strong woman, Erin, who challenges him in ways he never imagined. They competed for the same job, and he won, but he got more than he bargained for.

As I wrote, the plot took a twist I hadn’t planned. Sawyer didn’t understand the direction his heart tugged. He met his mother, a new better version of her. She’d been an alcoholic and drug user. Her boys suffered abuse from the series of men their mother lived with. But when her son tried to protect her from the latest boyfriend, Sawyer took a beating. Then his mother blamed him for the trouble.

Have you ever been blamed for something that didn’t make sense?

Cowboy Meets His MatchI knew the biblical story of the Good Samaritan would be in the book, which is how the mother lands on the road to recovery, but I didn’t realize the book would deal with the healing of abuse. My hero wants to hold onto his resentment but realizes if he embraces his anger, he’d lose the woman he’s come to love.

Are you still holding a grudge for being wronged? Could you lose something if you keep holding the grudge?

I wouldn’t have consciously taken on this story, but God had different ideas. I simply wrote the story I’d been given. It’s my prayer Sawyer and Erin’s story touches your heart like it touched mine as I processed the message. With God’s help, and direction, nothing is impossible—even forgiving for an undeserved wrong.

Leann Harris has always had stories running around her head. She started writing when her youngest child started school. Her first book was published in 1993. She’s written romantic suspense, inspirational romantic suspense, futuristic and inspirational romance. Her next Love Inspired book, The Cowboy Meets His Match, is a June 2016 release. Leann is also a cancer survivor and a teacher of the deaf.


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