Lost in the Maze of Change

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Susan Mathisby Susan Mathis

“I hate change!” Laura told me over lunch one day. “Todd’s job has changed, Beth is off to college, and then the dog died! Now here I am in this empty house.”

The ancient philosopher, Heraclitus, accurately reminded us that, “Nothing is permanent except change.” So why do we have such a love/hate relationship with change? Because any change feels uncomfortable at best.

When change happens, loss is a part of that change, no matter how slight. You are leaving behind the known and are expected to embrace the unknown. That’s not easy. It’s often scary. And it’s never comfortable. Every change brings a new direction, a new perspective, and if you let it, a greater faith. Yet every change also brings a measure of loss.

You lose independence and your singleness when you marry. You lose freedom, time, and all kinds of other things when you have a baby. Then, as that baby grows, each age and stage brings boatloads of changes, sometimes multiple times a day! No wonder Laura felt undone when her child went off to college.

Whenever we are out of our comfort zone, it’s usually not fun. Something as simple as a new school year, a bout of the flu, or a home remodeling project can send a family into transition, and the unexpected often takes us by surprise. Yet it’s how we handle that change that is important to God and to those around us.


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