Love is Blind

0 comments Posted on February 10, 2015

JanetPerezEcklesby Janet Perez Eckles

He waited for me at the altar. And dressed in pure white, I took slow steps down the aisle. Excitement and anticipation echoed in my heart. We repeated our vows: “for better or for worse.”

The “better” came but lasted for only a few years. When my blindness, complete and permanent turned my world black, the “”worse” invaded our marriage.

“I’ll take your hand,” became the most common phrase as my husband led me to walk anywhere—grocery store, doctor’s office, friend’s house or any place unfamiliar to me. He was patient, but I was restless. He was accepting, but I felt like a burden. Then one day, he lifted my chin with his fingertips. “I love you, no matter what.” How did he know I felt ugly and unlovable?

God had answered my prayers during all those sleepless nights—begging for comfort, for hope and for strength. With each Valentine’s Day, my husband’s love that turned me into a queen reminds me that love is indeed blind. He looked beyond my disability. And in turn, gave me the ability to see the best of life.

Simply SalsaAs we gave our vows to each other on that long-ago winter day, decades ago, we didn’t know that God had also made His promise to us. He vowed to be with us. He promised that with Him at the center, He would open the eyes of our hearts. And while walking down the aisle of life, He would guide our steps to exit the valleys of sorrow.

And every step proved that with trust, complete trust in Him, each tragedy turned to triumph, and each “worse” turned to the “best.”

Although blind, Janet Perez Eckles inspires readers and audiences to see the best of life. She achieves this in her role as an international speaker, author of four books and radio host. Her book, Simply Salsa: dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta is available here.


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