Love is Worth the Risk

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Mandy Haleby Mandy Hale

One of the number one issues at the forefront of a single woman’s mind is—you guessed it—love. When am I going to find it? Am I going to find it? Is there one person out there for everyone? Have I ever really been in love? Love is defined in many ways. Ask people on the street for their definition of love, and you’ll get no two answers the same. The Bible defines love. Movies define love. Turn on the radio, and you’ll get another definition of love. We see evidence of love in the unlikeliest of places and among the unlikeliest of men and women. Your cat loves you. Your dog loves you. Your neighbor loves you. Your mom loves you. Love is everywhere we look. It makes the world go round, you know.

But you can’t always follow the definitions of others, “the rules,” or even the advice of the most renowned experts when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s easy to write about love. It’s another thing altogether to experience love. And although I am a big believer in fairy tales and happy endings, I’m not all that sure how accurate Hollywood’s portrayal of love is. I’ve definitely had my share of “movie moments” in my day, but I’ve found that the most poignant expressions of love are found not in the grand gestures but in the quiet moments. Sharing a laugh or a milkshake. Finishing each other’s sentences.

Love often doesn’t make any sense at all. It loves to creep up on you when you’re least expecting it, with the person you’re least expecting it to be with. It climbs walls and crosses oceans to find you. When it’s your time, love will track you down.

 The Single Woman

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