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Mary Frances Bowleyby Mary Frances Bowley

Recently, Meg called me on her way to work to catch up.  It was fun to hear how she is enjoying her job, and her exciting news of her impending engagement.  I met Meg, not long after she came into the Wellspring Living home. In all my life, I’d never seen anyone more afraid and unresponsive to our attempts to help her.  Meg had escaped from her trafficker, but was trying to make it on her own.  Instead of going to the authorities, she had been living on the streets, eating from garbage cans, and living in abandoned housing.  This middle class, beautiful blonde, 23-year-old young woman’s life took a tragic turn at the age of 16, when a trainer at the gym where she worked gained her trust.  When Meg finally reached out for help, she became so afraid of our help, she tried to open the door of the car while on her way to our home.  Meg was so traumatized from the exploitation she had experienced that it was next to impossible to trust anyone.  Meg had to get accustomed to sleeping in a bed, eating nutritious foods, and believing that she was worthy of love.  There was very little teaching or therapy she could receive until she could believe we weren’t going to harm her.  Little by little, we began to see a calmness and glimmer of hope, as all we could do is meet her needs and give consistent love.

zero-book-final.inddI often think of Meg when girls and women come into our care and they seem impossible to reach.  Stories like Meg have filled our homes over the years.  Too many stories of too many children who were at risk and fell into the trap of a trafficker compelled us to write Make It ZERO.  No child should be put at risk of trafficking, abuse, isolation, hunger or poverty.  As a nation, we must look deeply into the millions of children at risk and find tangible avenues to safeguard every child. Through dynamic stories of those who have overcome these factors and those who are making great strides for change, Make It ZERO gives readers a road map for correcting these issues permanently to create a world where all children in America are safe – and safeguarded.  Join the movement!  #makeitzero


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