Make Your House a Peaceful Retreat

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

As our children were growing up, my husband and I worked hard to create a home that would allow our daughter and two sons to put wings to their dreams. We designed bedrooms and backyards that would be a place not only to sleep and play in, but a sanctuary to withdraw, to kick back and fantasize on their aspirations, on who they wanted to become.

The décor of our house focused on places for our kids to use their large muscles. Also, pleasant storage for toys to keep the yard and bedrooms tidy, for study and the use of their mental muscles. As a creative person, I had ample opportunity to work with paint and fabric, and my husband to use his construction skills in fashioning the hideaways our growing kids needed.

Our kids are adults now and all married, with their own homes and hectic schedules, and  whisking children here and there for the next generation’s dreams. My husband and I bought a new house this past year and are in the process of decorating it to fit our changing lifestyle. Some of my ideas on creating an outdoor living space are featured in the MTL Spring 2017 magazine, page 68, that might stimulate some thoughts for your own outdoor spaces. I must be doing something right, though, because the other day my married daughter Lana brought some misty tears to my eyes as well as a smile.

Finding Sarah Finding MeShe wrote in a card how much she loves coming to visit her dad and I these days. The creative aspects of our new home and garden always give her a sense of peace.

These days I revel in creating spaces that encourage my adult children to take a peaceful retreat from their busy lives, while at the same time, building pockets of fun places for my grandkids. I have to admit that I especially enjoy pampering my adult kids with little extras that make them feel like they’ve come to a spa. Our new house has a fancy guest bathroom and soaker tub, so I love laying out the fresh new towels, soaps still in their wrappers, all the little extras they’d get in a hotel room and fresh flowers by the sink.

In the garden, my husband and I are building a new multi-level deck and a stone courtyard for an outdoor living room and dining area. Rock gardens, tinkling fountains, large artistic containers of flowers with fragrant vines trailing on pergolas will fashion an oasis for my continuing growing family as well as our friends, a place to kick back and put wings to their dreams.

Irish-born Christine Lindsay is the author of multi-award-winning Christian fiction and non-fiction. Readers describe her writing as gritty yet tender, realistic yet larger than life, with detail that collides into the heart of psychological and relationship drama. Christine’s fictional novels have garnered the ACFW Genesis Award, The Grace Award, Canada’s The Word Guild Award, Readers’ Favorite, and more. The non-fiction memoir Finding Sarah Finding Me is the true-life story that started this award-winning career in Christian fiction and non-fiction and speaking ministry.


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