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1 comment Posted on August 28, 2017

Twila Belkby Twila Belk

My friend Cindy worked at an inner-city ministry and taught the children about God. She read books to them and spent lots of time just loving on them. But she didn’t think she was getting through to the kids and told the ministry director how disappointed she was that she wasn’t having an impact.

raindropsNot many days later, a grandmother of one of the children came into the center and told the director what her preschool grandson had said when explaining what he did each day. “We went to a place called a ‘brary. It had books, books, and more books! But that’s not all, Grandma,” he excitedly continued, “Mrs. Cindy told us God stories, more God stories, and more God stories. I think she is just full of God!”

Have you ever wondered, like Cindy, if what you’re doing for God matters? I have, and I’ve been tempted to give up at times. But then God gets my attention—maybe through a comment or an email or even a hug from Him in prayer—and He reminds me that if I’m doing what He’s called me to do, my efforts will bear fruit. Yours will too. When God sees our obedience, He smiles. And that makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Twila Belk is a writer and speaker who loves braggin’ on God. She’s authored six books, including Raindrops from Heaven: Gentle Reminders of God’s Power, Presence, and Purpose. Her seventh book, The Power to Be: Be Still, Be Grateful, Be Strong, Be Courageous, will release late this year. (


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    Diana Derringer said:

    Thanks, Twila. I needed that today.


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