Making Home a Haven

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Grace Foxby Grace Fox

My driveway is large enough to hold nine vehicles. That’s convenient when friends and family come home for the holidays, but the jumbo span of concrete makes our front entrance appear less than inviting.

A couple months ago, my husband and I decided to change that impression. We bought a patio table with six chairs and placed them on a 10×14-foot roll of outdoor carpet that resembles grass. Then we flanked the area with hanging baskets and potted planters filled with yellow, pink, purple, and white blossoms.

My driveway’s transformed! The patio furniture and flowers extend warmth and hospitality to all who come here. “Sit down, stay a while, and enjoy a sip of iced tea,” they whisper.

MorningMomentsWithGodI’ve lived in ten houses in my adult life. Each time we’ve moved, I’ve prayed, “Father, help me create a safe space for all who enter here. Help me make our home a haven where family, friends, and strangers know they are loved. Refresh and renew them through their time spent here.”

Over the years, I’ve seen visitors blessed through simple touches such as homemade muffins or cinnamon rolls, a welcome note on the dresser in the guest bedroom, and praise music playing softly in the background.

Everyone appreciates knowing they’re loved. And as hosts and hostesses, we experience joy by creating ways to make our homes a warm and welcoming place. How might you make your home a haven for visitors this summer?

Grace Fox is an international speaker and the author of eight books including Morning Moments With God: Devotions for the Busy Woman. She co-directs International Messengers Canada, a ministry that partners with 200 missionaries in 25 countries.

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