Making The Great Bible Race

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Bible Race_Lotby Melvin Claxton, the developer of The Great Bible Race

In the fall of 2010, I began work on the most important project of my life. As a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter I had done many major projects over the years, but none as ambitious or sweeping as what I was about to undertake.

I was spearheading an effort to create the world’s largest and most authoritative Bible trivia video game. From its inception, we saw the Great Bible Race as a powerful tool in reenergizing Bible study in homes and churches, especially among the young.

The project was predicated on a simple belief: people would be more likely to spend time with the Bible and learn its message if it were presented in an exciting, interactive format. The need was clear. Surveys showed that although 88 percent of American households own a Bible, only 8 to 15 percent of Americans read it on a regular basis.

The statistics are even bleaker when it comes to teens and young adults. Pastors and Christian leaders uniformly agree that Millennials are the hardest to reach with God’s Word. Yet it is clear that the answers our youth crave and need to live happy, fulfilling lives are right there in the Bible.

These sacred pages hold the key to successful parenting, courtship, financial management, business practices and personal responsibility. Now we sought to bring the Bible and its life-altering message to those who normally wouldn’t open the book.

I knew that the very idea of sharing the Bible through a video game, a medium often associated with violence, was a potential game changer. I also knew it wouldn’t be easy.

First, the game had to be simple to use and lots of fun. It had to be scholarly enough for Sunday school and Bible study, yet ideal for informal family gatherings and get-togethers.

The Bible’s 30,000 verses had to be converted into a series of multiple-choice questions. The questions then had to be integrated into a full-function video game, complete with animation and avatars. No one had ever done this before. In fact, there is no record of anyone even trying.

Great Bible RaceEven with our talented team of programmers and designers, which included my sons Jason and Brandon, the project was a daunting undertaking. But in our most difficult moments – and there were many — we drew comfort from our faith that the Holy Spirit was an integral part of this project from its conception. We saw examples of that every day.

As a former national investigative reporter with Gannett Corporation, The Detroit News and Chicago Tribune, I had a unique appreciation for the importance of the project. I saw firsthand the impact of violence and corruption in a world where biblical teachings were being increasingly marginalized.

For years, my stories chronicled those ills: from drug smuggling and gunrunning by Colombian cartels to poverty, crime and political corruption across the United States. As a journalist, I was once forced to relocate my family after threats from drug lords.

Over a period of three and a half years, the game would move from concept to reality. It would break world records and reshape how many Christians interact with, and study, their Bible.

Entire denominations and numerous prominent Christian leaders have embraced the game, many using it for church fundraising and Bible study. Some have even created trivia competitions around it.

The more than 17,000 questions in the Great Bible Race cover every story, character, event, prophecy, parable and miracle in the Bible. The game has quickly become a family favorite in many Christian homes, particularly among parents distressed at the violence in contemporary video games.

Designed for both the beginner and Bible scholar, the Great Bible Race offers a unique opportunity for individuals, families and congregations to learn the Bible in a fun and entertaining way. The game, which can be played on both Windows and Mac computers, includes a complete audio/digital Bible and the world’s largest collection of 3D biblical images.

To find out more about the Great Bible Race or to purchase, click here.


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