Marriage Proposal Madness

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weddingby Susan G Mathis

As Diane Sawyer and others have recently reported, there’s a whole heap of coupling craziness in the air! In the world of reality TV and YouTube sensations, grooms-to-be are spending multiple thousands of dollars to pop the question and try to convince their ever-longing perspective brides to be their wives by employing over-the-top Hollywood productions.

There are flash-mob proposals, high-intensity dance routine proposals, and extended-family-and-friend lip-sync song proposals. One man even created a movie trailer to propose to his girlfriend. Another used a marching band extravaganza to propose—to the tune of $9K!

Countdown for CouplesHow about a reality check? Lots of money goes down the tube in a heartbeat, and once she’s said “yes,” expectations grow to a frenzy pitch for over-the-top wedding plans. Reality shows such as Bridezilla show a TV version of what, too often, really goes on behind closed doors.

It’s a world gone mad!

How about returning to simple “will you marry me?” proposals over a quiet dinner, while saving the money to buy a home or pay off debt? Then, how about planning a simple, reasonable, budget-conscious wedding that gives the couple time to prepare their hearts and minds for the real business of becoming one, establishing a home, and planning for their life together?

Remarriage AdventureWe recently enjoyed counseling a delightful couple who trashed all the 21st century expectations of lavish weddings and opted for a simple family ceremony, an under-budget honeymoon, and a lovely pancake breakfast reception. We were honored to be a part of their celebration, for it was truly a lovely celebration of two lives joined as one. Wisdom ruled their plans, and love paved the way to a beautiful start to their lives together.

So our hats go off to this couple! May they inspire many to return to a world of true reality, godly wisdom, and simple beauty once again.

Susan G Mathis is the author of The ReMarriage Adventure: Preparing for a Lifetime of Love & Happiness and Countdown for Couples: Preparing for the Adventure of Marriage with her husband, Dale. For more on preparing to marry, check out


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