Meant for More

0 comments Posted on May 7, 2018

by Kori de Leon

We dream about great things for our life. We envision ourselves performing works we desire to accomplish and the honor that follows. We muse about romantic relationships and big families. We build and renovate homes in our minds. But at the end of the day we often find ourselves unfulfilled. Why? We are focusing on a world that is passing away.

God calls us to leave behind the little sandcastles we have made and to take the grand adventure of new life with Him. When we lift our eyes to Christ, our hearts find indescribable fulfillment in Him. We realize that Jesus is what we have longed for all of our life. And when we spend time with Him through His Word in the Bible, He ignites wonder in our hearts once again by His calling us to dream about far greater things that are beginning now and will be revealed fully in the Day ahead.

A mighty and gracious King is coming soon. He is building a new dynasty or royal family and giving us roles in His Kingdom now. And, He will lead us into glorious ventures in a safe and secure world for ages upon ages. Join me in discovering why life with Christ now and in the Age to Come is far from a humdrum existence!

Kori de Leon is the founder of Adoring Christ Ministries, a teaching ministry devoted to reaching women through the local church, online resources, books, and speaking engagements. She graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological seminary with a master of arts in theology. Kori lives in Houston with her husband Bobby and daughter Jade. To find out more about her testimony and ministry, please visit


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