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Darlene Franklinby Darlene Franklin

Milestones are gaining momentum as the summer goes on. In May, my oldest granddaughter graduated from high school. Two weeks from now, I’ll have one of those birthdays, where the first digit in my age slips to the next decade of life. Come fall, my youngest granddaughter starts kindergarten.

Milestones have two faces, like the Roman god Janus, looking to the past and the future. If we only look to the past, sorrowing over missed opportunities, we lose out on the present. If we only look to the future, we lose touch with what made us who we are.

saving felicityGod gave the ancient Israelites special days of remembrance, to contemplate both failures and victories. Today’s church also sets apart special days. As individuals, we also assign significance to events in our lives. Look back—celebrate—move on.

Whether you want to find out more about biblical festivals or insight into your latest milestone, check for resources at your local independent Christian bookstore.

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