Mom Restarts

0 comments Posted on February 15, 2021

by Karen Whiting

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?”

I recall that phrase from childhood. One friend had heard it too, and the phrase popped into her mind about her children at times. It also gave her an idea. When the morning seemed to get off to a bad start for her son, she suggested he go back to bed for a little while, get up again, and restart the day. It often worked.

One day my friend mixed up the breakfast she was making, dropped an egg, and complained a bit. Her son said, “Mom, I think you should go back to bed and restart your day.” She agreed, and once in bed, calmed down and realized she did need a new start. A little time alone and prayer helped her restart with a smile.

We all have those days, when things seem to go wrong starting when we open our eyelids. Taking a break is a great way to cope and get a new perspective as a mom. That might mean letting our children know we’ll be back in a few minutes or just closing our eyes to pray. One mom in history, Suzanna Wesley, used to lift her apron skirt over her face and they all knew she was praying. She did that whenever she felt overwhelmed or just needed a little peace in her mind.

It’s amazing how deep breaths and a few minutes pause can refresh us.

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