Move Forward

0 comments Posted on March 28, 2019

by Doreen Hanna

By now, most often, the snow has melted and the tasks before spring challenge us to move forward. I remember the day, just weeks after my husband’s heavenward journey, I was filling out a form requiring a box to check. Suddenly, reality hit, I had a new title. I had to check the widow box! I immediately wept and cried out, “Lord! You know the only thing I’ve ever associated with a widow is a black widow, and I hate spiders!”  I wept the rest of the day.

The next morning, I faced my fear and looked in my Bible’s concordance and saw several verses that referred to the widow. To my surprise, a verse that I had used often in my ministry to teen girls was Psalm 68:5, “He is the father to the fatherless,” but I never spoke of the latter part of the verse that states…”and the protector of the widow”! Peace filled my heart in that moment. This verse was now for me, and many others like me.

I laid down my fear that day and created the following acronym for the word widow…we are Warmly Invited to Discover Our Walk with Him. That day I truly did began to move forward.

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