MTL Intersection: An Author’s Manger View

1 comment Posted on December 23, 2019


  • 12/24/2019
    Chris Sauter Manion said:

    I love this: ” Every story worth telling has had its roots in the story of Jesus. Every one of the traditional plot lines—Man against God, Man against Nature/Creation, Man against Man, Man against Self—are all versions of the timeless story Jesus came to fulfill. He reconnects us to God. He calms the wind and waves. He is our Peace, our Wonderful Counselor. He offers us all our hearts truly need.” To whom should I credit this to post it on social media? Is this part of
    Donna Schlacter’s Did You Know? I’m unclear who the author is in this beautiful reflection on the story behind the story in this author’s manger view. Well done, whoever you are.


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