My Grandmother’s Eyes

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Angela Breidenbachby Angela Breidenbach

Prepping for bedtime, I looked in the mirror and saw my grandmother’s face. Somehow, I saw my memories of her, in me. I felt connected though she’s long gone. She’s in the shape of my chin, round cheeks and color of my eyes. I missed her deeply all of a sudden.

Lassoed by MarriageI wrote her love story in Lassoed by Marriage because she answered all my teenage questions about boys and told me of her beau before Grandpa, the one who never returned her grape cluster earrings. That bugged her over 50 years later. Grandpa wanted only English in his house, so she secretly taught me Swedish words in the kitchen like how to say “grandma.” It’s “mormor,” by the way, but because she was my mom’s mom. It’s different for a dad’s mom (farmor).

Grandma Breidenbach 1One day, Mormor swept my long, dark hair back behind my ears with her hands roughened by work and age, and said, “Och, show your pretty face.” She held my cheeks for a moment, just being there with me as she looked into my eyes. I shook my hair back down as soon as she walked away, hiding behind the mass of it as a nervous twelve-year old. Her slight Swedish lilt is still in my ears as is the feel of her hands on my face. I wish I could look into her eyes again the way she did mine that day. Seeing my mormor in me, in my reflection, I almost can.

Angela Breidenbach, Christian Authors Network president, is an author of romance through the ages and the host of Lit Up! on Toginet Radio and Apple Podcasts. Angela went back to college for genealogical studies. She’ll graduate in 2019 as a professional genealogist. Now she’s a grandma to seven, hoping to pass on family stories. Other books by Angela include The Captive Brides Collection, The Second Chance Brides Collection, Blue Ribbon Brides and more. Find her at:
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