My Son Didn’t Miss His Connecting Flight

1 comment Posted on July 15, 2020

by Kathy Collard Miller

Years ago, we arranged for our fourteen-year-old son to fly by himself for the first time across country to attend a Christian golf camp. As I explained how he should find his connecting flight in Dallas, Mark exclaimed, “I know, Mom, I’ll be okay.”

But I knew he didn’t know how to “read” the arrival/departure monitor. “He’ll never find the correct gate,” I moaned.

Several hours later I waited for him to call saying he had missed his connecting flight.

Suddenly I sensed God whisper in my heart, “You want him to fail. You want to be needed, but let him need Me instead.”

I was shocked, but realized it was true.

That evening, Mark called to report he had arrived safely. When I asked him about the connecting flight, he said matter-of-factly, “It was directly across from the gate where I arrived.”

I fell silent. God had provided for him, and I had unexpectedly learned the blessing of releasing my son to God’s loving care.

We can’t be with our children every moment. We must believe God can be! God never intended for us to be our children’s Holy Spirit.

Years have passed, and we sent Mark and his sister off to college. I learned from my reaction during Mark’s trip to trust God more. Not only did my children learn to trust God more but I did also.

Kathy Collard Miller not only has “birthed” two children into adulthood, she has “birthed” over 50 non-fiction books. Her latest, co-written with her husband Larry, is God’s Intriguing Questions: 100 Devotionals Revealing God’s Nature and Our Motives. Kathy and Larry are parents, grandparents, speakers and lay counselors. To learn more, visit: or


  • 07/30/2020
    Kathy Collard Miller said:

    I’m so pleased I could share my story. I hope it’s an encouragement to many.


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