My Writing Journey

0 comments Posted on September 17, 2021

by Anne Greene

Quite often people ask if I always wanted to write. I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.

As a child playing with dolls, dolls from various countries were the rage. I owned a sénorita doll complete with black lace mantilla and long red silk skirt. I thought she was the most beautiful doll in the world. She became the heroine in the stories I portrayed with dolls. My sister, two years older, had a lovely blonde southern belle doll with a powder blue dress. My sister didn’t care about doll-playing, so I had free access to her doll. With these two dolls I played many different romances and intrigues. Neighbor children loved playing with me because I used their dolls in all manner of stories.

Later in elementary and high school, I perfected the ruse of hiding a fiction book behind the study books and spent boring lectures far away in imagination land.

Anytime I was alone, my mind concocted stories.

After I married, I put away childish things and worked at various times as a legal secretary, a real estate agent, and in the photography studio my dear husband and I owned.

When my two lovely children were both in school, I faced a crossroad. What new career should I embark upon to help my husband with our finances? I had mentioned, during the years of our marriage, that I dreamed of becoming a writer. He suggested I attend a two-week writing conference at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Moody was only a commuter train ride from where we lived in Wheaton, Illinois. I was elated.

But to attend the conference, I had to submit three chapters of a book I proposed to write. I had less than a week to submit. The last Sunday in church I’d been fascinated by a story told by a missionary of the 1838 Removal of the Cherokee from their homeland to the wild Indian Territory of Oklahoma. This was a story that needed to be told.

So, I whipped up three chapters and submitted. I was accepted and learned so much during those two weeks.

I was hooked on writing.

I believe God is a God of miracles. If He gives a talent, He gives opportunities to use that talent.

Anne Greene delights in writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer, and about gutsy heroines. Anne’s highest hope is that her stories transport the reader to an awesome new world and touch hearts to seek a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. Visit Anne at and at @TheAnneGreene.


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