Near to the Heart

0 comments Posted on February 1, 2019

by Doreen Hanna

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” That greeting can bring an abundance of joy or a heavy heart.

Since the 50s, for those who grew up in an average, middle-class family in America, Valentine’s Day was celebrated at home and in school. Lots of cards were exchanged between students in the classroom. Valentine cards were made or shopped for, with great vigor, to find just the perfect one for each family member.

Yet, the day comes when all the joy and excitement of the holiday comes to a standstill, due to the pain of a friendship, marriage separation, divorce, or ultimately a death.

For me, it was the last. One of my most cherished Valentine cards was one from my future husband. I held onto it for years because the warm fuzzies washed over my heart every time I read it. Along with several others that were my favorites. Several years ago he was welcomed into heaven. The first Valentine’s Day without him was so painful. Yet God, in His grace, prompted my daughters to be sure I received their cards, along with handmade cards from the grandchildren. I pondered gratefully that day what the Lord, and my husband, had left behind to fill the void.

The following quotes are so applicable to that first Valentine’s Day without him, when I needed a miracle to stop the pain: “God is closest to those with broken hearts.” And, “A miracle comes through good people with thoughtful hearts.”

Doreen Hanna is the founder of  She saw the felt need for biblical rite-of-passages for little girls and teen girls. Since 2000, it has met that need for moms of girls and mentors worldwide.


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