No Defective Parts

0 comments Posted on September 21, 2020

by Donna Sparks

Several years ago I began a jail and prison ministry in which God has absolutely done the miraculous in ladies’ hearts and lives. I was recently sharing my testimony with the ladies in a jail service and shared 2 Corinthians 5:17 with them. It says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; The old has gone, the new is here!”

As I was speaking, the Holy Spirit gave me the image of an old car in need of restoration. I knew exactly where He was leading me.

My dad restores old cars, and he is really good at it. I can remember him driving up with many old beat up cars with little to no paint. Some had broken windows and ratty upholstery. Others had holes in the floorboards, dented or missing fenders, rusted bumpers and busted dashboards. In other words, they looked like a hopeless pile of junk.

Mom and I would roll our eyes because we never could see what my dad saw in those old cars. He always had a vision for what they could become when all we saw was a mess. But dad would get to work, and before we knew it, the car would be ready to go, and he would win first place trophies!

My dad is a perfectionist, and his cars always looked perfect. But in reality, he couldn’t make the car brand new no matter how hard he tried. He wasn’t the original designer. The same is true in our lives. The only one who can make the old brand new is our Heavenly Father, because He is our original creator.

When we give our lives to Christ, the old is gone. We become brand new creations. He doesn’t patch up our battered parts or sand off our rough edges and cover us with a fresh coat of paint. No, He makes us brand new. Others may look at us and see us as hopeless, but Jesus sees us as what we can become, and by His power He transforms us.

I watched as each lady’s eyes began to well up with tears. And I fully understood why the Holy Spirit had led me in this direction. So many times we struggle with the thought that our past defines us, and no matter what happens we will still be defective. We often feel like the dirt that has stuck to us, or the dirt others have thrown on us, is there to stay.

We have to realize that Jesus desires to make us brand new. There are no defective parts left when we turn to Him. We no longer have to be held down in guilt and shame. Our dirt isn’t covered up, it’s gone. Washed away! And the amazing part is, when we continue to follow Him, we only increase in beauty. We are never the same. There are no defective parts.


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