Not Blind

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Ava Penningtonby Ava Pennington

The ophthalmologist used a swab to numb the white of my husband’s eye in preparation for the injection. I wince at the thought of keeping my eye open while a needle approaches. My husband is much braver than I am. But as he noted, it’s still better than the alternative: blindness.

Few people, if any, would choose to be blind. Yet all too often Christians speak of the necessity of blind faith. Whenever I hear that term, I cringe. Not because I don’t want unreserved faith in the Lord, but because a Christian’s faith is never blind.

Hebrews 11:1(NIV) defines faith in part as “assurance about what we do not see.” But not being able to see how God works behind the scenes does not mean our faith is blind.

The natural evidence of creation points to a Creator. The biblical record reveals God’s names, character, and ways. We have historical accounts, apart from the Bible, of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the testimony of Christians around the world through twenty centuries. Finally, every believer has the validating experience of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Daily Reflections on the Names of GodI display faith in electricity every time I flip a light switch. I have faith the sun will rise each morning.  I even express faith in the law of gravity as I walk from point A to point B. My faith in the physical world, based on evidence and experience, is not blind. My faith is also not blind when it comes to the God who created it all.

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