On the Wings of Prayer

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Linda Evans Shepherdby Linda Evans Shepherd

It was a beautiful day for a flight home to Colorado.  I’d settled back in the cockpit, listening to the hum of the engine from my perch ten-thousand feet above the farm-quilted earth below.  My husband sat at the Cessna’s controls, happy to spend the day piloting through the occasional fluff of a cloud.

Suddenly, the humming stopped and we glided in deep silence.

I turned to Paul and asked,  “Is this bad?”

“Very bad,” he agreed.

Red-hot fear landed in the pit of my stomach.

I closed my eyes to seek the Almighty. That’s when I saw Jesus.  He stood like a tower, his feet planted on the green earth while his hand cupped around our little plane in the sky.  His voice whispered to my heart. “You are in the palm of my hand.”

I whispered back, “That would be a lot more comforting if you would turn the plane’s engine back on.”

As if in answer, the engine sputtered back to life, then died.

Paul said, “Waco is only fifty miles from here.  I think we can make it!”

Fifty miles?

Small tourist plane over Caribbean beach in Mexico

We continued to sputter across the Texas sky until the Waco airport was in sight.  When the wheels of the Cessna touched the runway, I was ready to kiss the sweet ground.

We left the plane with a mechanic and drove home by car. The very next day I ran into my friend Linda.

“What was going on with you yesterday?” she asked.  “The Lord had me on my knees praying for you!”

Revell LogoHow amazing that God would place my family on my friend Linda’s heart, so she would not only pray for us, but so the Lord could answer her prayer with a miracle he had already set in motion.

That’s why I wrote the book, Called to Pray, Astounding Stories of Answered Prayer from Baker Revell.  It was so wonderful to demonstrate, in story after true-story, the awesome way God calls us to pray not only for ourselves, but for others.

Linda Evans Shepherd is a bestselling author member of Christian Author Network and the President and founder of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.  She is the publisher of Leading Hearts Magazine as well as the author of a series of prayer books from Baker Revell including Called to Pray, The Stress Cure, Praying Through Hard Times and When You Don’t Know What to Pray.
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