One Again

0 comments Posted on July 5, 2012

Now a true widow, a woman who is truly alone in this world, has placed her hope in God. She prays night and day, asking God for his help. (1 Timothy 5:5)

Have you ever felt “truly alone”? I know that I have. I know the pain of having no one to share my heart with and to tell what I feel. I know what it’s like to hold all of my fears and anxieties inside so that no one knows that I am alone. However, my loneliness is very different from the widow’s. The widow Paul had in mind became alone because of uncontrolled circumstances; mine were completely controlled.


I kept people away from me. I was too afraid that people would see the bad in me. And I allowed my pride to keep me from allowing people to see me weak or in need. I was determined that I could fix anything and make it through trials without needing people. I placed my trust in myself, and things often looked hopeless. It wasn’t until my sister was diagnosed with cancer that I realized the extent of my loneliness. I was broken. Crying out to God for help, I finally allowed myself to let go of my insecurities and cling to God. I learned some precious lessons from the widow in 1 Timothy.


The widow placed her hope in God. She prayed to him and trusted him from the beginning. She allowed him to be her refuge and strength. She humbly prayed to him for help–not just once, but day and night. Her hope in God outweighed and outlasted her loneliness.


Maybe you’ve found yourself struggling with loneliness. Where do you place your hope? Do you try to do it all on your own, or do you pray to God for help? God wants to give us the best. God wants to answer us–and he will answer. Most importantly, we may disappoint ourselves, but God never disappoints us.


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